利用規約(Tram of Use)

第1条 レンタル商品の料金について
1:Rental Products
Rental costs apply to the entire event. There is no daily rental rate.
第2条 防炎製品について
2:Fire Protection Products
Fire protection products such as fire-proof cloth, block board, and carpet are only for purchase. You do not need to return these items after the event concludes.
第3条 締切日について
3:Order Closing
We have a fixed deadline for order placement and payment. Please complete your order and payment before the deadline.
第4条 ご注文について
4:About your order
Please place your order with the name of the exhibitor representative. Be sure to use the name of the exhibiting representative when placing an order, even if it is a proxy order.
If you place an order with a name other than the name of the exhibitor representative, it will not be consistent with the booth number.
Please note that it may not be possible to install equipment in the orderer's booth.
第5条 お振込みについて
5:Bank Transfers
Please enter the booth number and name at the time of transfer, and please make sure to confirm the order price after confirming the order amount.
If we cannot process your full payment by the deadline, we cannot reserve any rental equipment for you.
There are no refunds if you submit payment after the deadline and no rental equipment will be reserved for you.
There are no refunds if you overpay your rental fees.
第6条 お支払いについて
6:About payment
The rental equipment price once paid cannot be returned under any circumstances (including natural disaster, terrorism, transportation mahi, cancellation of the event, etc.).
第7条 変更・キャンセルについて
7:Change and Cancel
Orders can not be changed or cancelled after the deadline.
第8条 入金後の変更・キャンセルについて
8:Change and Cancel after payment
Orders cannot be changed or cancelled after payment, even before the payment deadline. No refunds.
第9条 自動キャンセルについて
9:Automatic cancellation
In the case of the transfer,please note that if you are not able to confirm th payment without deposited to the payment deadline,it will be automatically canceled.
第10条 入金締切日後のご入金に関して
10:Regarding payment after payment deadline
We do not accept late payments. No equipment will be reserved and you will not be issued a refund.
第11条 郵便・ファックスによるご注文について
11:Order by Mail and FAX
We have set deadlines for mail and fax orders.Mail is accepted until the postmark of the order deadline date.Post-order deadline You will not be able to prepare your equipment even if you ladder your fax order.Please note that refunds cannot be processed.
第12条 レンタル備品について
12:About rental Equipment
The exhibitor will be held liable for any damage inflicted upon rented tabeles,chairs,etc.due to misuse or carelessness and charged for the cost of repair and/or replacement.If rented tables,chairs,etc become damageed during the event,the potential damage to any artwork that makes use of aforementioned equipment is the sole responsibility of the exhibitor.
第13条 レンタル備品の不備について(その1)
13:Inadequate rental equipment 1
We ensure quality of our products, however if the product is defective andcan't be used, we will exchange it with an alternative product. In the case that an alternative product is not available, we will refund the rental cost. Please note, if you have any issues with your rental equipment order, you will need to visit the rental equipment reception counters in person during the exhibition period.
第14条 レンタル備品の不備について(その2)
14:Inadequate rental equipment 2
If there are any problems with your rental equipment order, please be sure to come to the rental equipment reception during the exhibition period. Please note, we will not be able to respond to queries concerning rental equipment after the reception counters are closed.
第15条 当日レンタルについて
種類に限りはございますがレンタル備品の在庫がある場合、当日レンタルを行います。 一度お支払いいただいたレンタル備品に関してはいかなる理由があっても変更・キャンセル・返金処理はできません。お支払いいただいたレンタル備品と同額の備品であっても変更はできません。
15:Rental on the day of the event
Equipment can be rented on the day of the event. but variety and quantity are limited.We will not change, cancel, or refund any equipment purchased for any reason.
第16条 会期終了後の搬出について
16:Carry out Products after the Event
After the event, the venue will immediately be cleared and returned to its original state. We kindly ask for your cooperation for a speedy clean up. Although we will be as careful as possible, please take note that your personal belongings and/or exhibition products may be removed if you move away from your booth during the clean up of the event.
第17条 個人情報の取り扱いについて
17:Handling of Personal Information
Personal information of our customers is not used for any purpose other than confirmation and order tracking.
All documentation including personal information will be immediately removed after the event.
第18条 本規約の改定
18:Revision of the Terms & Conditions
The terms of this agreement are as of Mar. 1, 2024.These may be subject to change without notice.Please visit our website for the latest information. If you have any questions, please contact us.